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Decided to sell my Magiranger DVD Set! Plus some other things for sale!

Magiranger dvds sold. Here's what's left:

Kamen Rider the First DVD Collector's Set, watched once $60

Bouken  Red candy toy $5
Bouken Red charms $4 each
Kamen Rider pins $4 each
Magigreen gashapon figure $5
Magigreen gashapon pull-back with Wolzard target $4 (white parts are yellowing)
Red Ranger from Ninja Storm SOLD
Wolzard mini figure $4
Wolzard Disney figure $4

Kamen Rider mini 3cm CDs.  Each cd has one full length song on it.  The covers are misleading as the cover art is just the old record cover art and it has the original song titles on it that aren't necessarily on the actual cd. These were made in 2004 in Japan by Columbia Records. Starting in the first row going from left to right.
1st mini cd has Let's Go! Rider Kick
2nd mini cd has Rider Action
3rd mini cd has Tatakae! Kamen Rider V3
4th mini cd has Shounen Rider Tai no Uta
5th mini cd has Set up! Kamen Rider X
6th mini cd has Ore wa X kaizoogu
7th mini cd has Kamen Rider Stronger no Uta
8th mini cd has Kyou mo Tatakau Stronger
$5 each or get all eight of them for $30 shipped

Various Sentai Cards $8 shipped for all

Misc Sentai cards $4 shipped

1999 Calbee Kamen Rider Chips cards- These are not in mint condition, as many of them have bends in them.  Still rare and hard to find. $0.50 each or $6 shipped for all of them.
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